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Remote IT
We manage your Service IT: Configuration, Update,
Securing your server and application sites
WordPress Development
We develop your WordPress solutions
All you need is Maras IT
Maras IT provide you an A To Z WordPress
Solution aside to an extraordinary service and support.​

Main Benefits

When we work on our client’s projects, we dedicate our self as we were part of your company.
We don’t sell services, we analyze & budgetize your needs to achieve high quality service and balanced budget

Support & Service

As an extension of your company we provide the support you need.

Quality & Expertise

For each of your project we assign experts in their fields lead by a project manager to garanty our standard quality.

WordPress & More

You'll come for WordPress, you'll stay for the rest of our services : maintenance, hosting, emails, support…

Our projects

Each project brings their own constraints.
Each client has their own ADN.
All delivery we make bring the same feeling:

Satisfaction !


An image is worth a thousands words …
… sometimes, words gives you the big picture !

Our team

When it comes to achieve greatness, our team will achieve it.
We are a dedicated team to your success.

Your success is our proudness !