Which hosting solution to choose for a WordPress ?

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The choice of its host server is far from trivial.

Traffic flow, many regional sites, hard anti-cyber attack procedures, manic skills or technical support are issues related to a choice of accommodation.

It is according to these important criteria that we were contacted by blogger Alexandra Selly (weboptimeez), not for helping to create a dedicated server but for the resumption of her existing ones, i.e. a resumption of the data interest in order to transfer it to a development server by our services.

In practice, this complete recovery of the data development has resulted in the management of its site as if it were one of the own, the Client who is so habitual in the web world and technically aware, but not having been able to entrust us with such responsibilities.


Our shoreline solution is simple: through a low-lying server in France,thus protecting your data from any use made by a foreign country, as well as an access s root and unlimited traffic.

In this logic, the so-called “No-Brainer” – which we provide as a solution includes, among other things, a high level of safety against cyber attacks due to the installation of LAMP and the anti-DDoS.

In addition to these basic elements specific to the location of your sites and data,we will ensure maintenance with our “Hands-free” service.

Our goal of generating so much interest in your sites, you will benefit from application updates made by our technicians, which means providing updates for the themes, plugins and also the core of the site. Thus, the preservation of the balance of the combinations of these elements will be provided.

To this end, our maintenance service will give you access to technical support per ticket and technical support.

Our goal is to provide you with varied and active customer support, which, added to the general maintenance carried out by our services, exempts you from any personal complications or blockage in a given situation regarding the management of your site.

Our Client is not foreign to this technical universe in a manner of manner, but some very unknown technical aspects have allowed us to see its total cost to our explanations and recommendations of development.

Once again,the existence of this spirit of collaboration has opened the door to constructive discussions between the two parties and, above all, has led to the creation of a final rendering as possible to the Client’s initial objectives, which of course remains our major priority, with the quality of the services and products provided.

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