How did we successfully reshape the site based on a customer-provided theme ?

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Being present on the web, and especially the way we are present on the web, are criteria not to be overlooked.

The seriousness and quality of a site are just as important as those of the product or service being presented in themselves on this site.

To this end, we have been asked to completely reshape six sites, including a forum and an ecommerce.

The sites identified share the same template as a basic basis, but with elements specific to each site as well as a migration of content.

Initial discussions allowed us to jointly set the final report hoped for with the Client, but with a margin of flexibility following our suggestions as well as the comments of the Client during the project.


First of all, it is worth pointing out that the development of a solution can be done either from A to Z or from one or more pre-existing elements.

In consultation with our Client, we have set a broad initial target with its budget.

In order to carry out the revamp(or remodeling) of these sites, a theme provided by the customer serves as a starting point and then customizes it for the needs expressed by all the sites.

In addition to this customization designed to achieve consistency with the whole, the solution we bring also includes standardization of data from all sites in order to unify it in the same integration process under the new network of sites in development, as well as to offer users of the Client consistent content in its overall presentation.

As ideas grew, our teams noted potential improvements that required further discussion.

This ongoing analysis of the project has proven to benefit both parties, allowing us to deliver a final product tailor-made to the customer’s needs, and the customer receiving a high-performance service.

With a budget always controlled, the opening of the Client to spontaneous suggestions as well as adjustments to the initial budget allowed us to collaborate from the perspective of a true partnership,translating in practice by the development or even the removal of certain features for the purpose of both performance and budget compliance.

Our client did not fail to give his opinion on our work:

“Congratulations to you and your development for your work and responsiveness.”

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