How did we rebrand our client image thanks to their new theme ?

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In addition to the design of a website, its functionality and location are factors that should not be ignored.

On the one hand, the importance of a shoreline plays a fundamental role on the fluidity of traffic on the sites or on the security of the data, and on the other hand, the theme of a site be faithful to the customer’s final rendering goals and renew them selves.

In order to satisfy these factors, he was asked to take over the site and update his theme.

Our Client was not a web connoisseur and also did not intend to learn more about it, not finding it necessary. By giving us his full confidence in such a manner,he allowed us to make our own initial proposals and in the course of the project and relied on them, as long as the site was effectively updated and we managed the slightest problems. development.


Before dealing with data storage, the question of the renewal of the theme of the given site arises.

To meet the customer’s expectations, we have set up a specific theme.

Thanks to a dynamic homepage, the Pierre Bretevil Agency website completely immerses its visitors in the magic of the city of Paris.

Beyond the design of the site, its functionality and construction logic were very important points to be entered with in the theme in our eyes, in order to give the site a true and above all to allow any visitor to navigate it as comfortably as possible.

The graphical updates we made were thus customized according to the final rendering expected by the custom erand installed on the site.

But beyond the thesis,our main mission was the resumption of the river.

Indeed, the accommodation and maintenance of your data must always be a crucial and careful choice.

With this in mind, we offer you a key service in hand, each component of which is developed and managed by our service.

Our “No-Brainer” shoreline – brings you a welcome of your data on a server of low-rated in France, thus protecting your data from any use in checked by a country foreign.

One of our priorities, in addition to your comfort of use of our services, as well as security, our offer brings you a very high level of safety against cyber attacks due to the installation of LAMP and anti-DDoS, SSL/TLS Let’s Encrypt certificates,ensuring the confidentiality and protection of any exchange switching or transaction between user and platform through data encryption .

In order to provide you with a comprehensive development and management service, the development is accompanied by our “Hands-free” maintenance, laying the groundwork that you will not need to deal with any management issues concerning your site.

Among plugins that are intended to improve certain aspects of your site or to add features,the theme that modify the graphics layouts or finally the CMS, which represents the computer program in charge of managing both the ‘appearance and content of the site,it is important to note that each of these elements is an integral part of your site.

The management of your site involves the management of each type of elements and their versions, so we make our technicians and their application updates available to you.

Thus, by analyzing and processing all the updates of the components of your site, the preservation of the balance of the combinations of these elements will be achieved.

In addition to maintenance itself, you will have access to technical support per ticket and technical support.

One of the factors that has affected our pace of development of these services is the customer’s confidence in our work. These different services require many adjustments in the course of the project life compared to the original scheme in order to obtain a comprehensive co-operation,and thanks to the understanding of the other party, we have been able to to make updates without the necessary validation.

This, of course, has revealed both the potential for such a time saving and the relationship quality with a Client when the climate of trust has set in.

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