When the offer is in line with the customer!

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Having a presence on the web is unworkable nowadays, in order to be able to carry out its activities or to be able to satisfy its concerns.

However, any web presence does not come true, and that is where the type and the development of a site is at stake.

The demand for the project is thus mainly related to the development of a website.

In addition to this creation,we are asked to resume the maintenance of the site through our “hands-free” maintenance offer, for the purpose of full and coher.

It is interesting to note that our Client has been very inclined to any suggestion from us, whether in the details or in the general management of the project.


From the moment when the out lines initially set out were respected,in particular regarding the state of website update and the majority of the criteria set by the Client himself,the discussions between our teams and those of the Client have been fairly well and productive.

The first step is the development of the website.

Its development will take place under WordPress, in order to offer a great deal of leeway to the creation and the client’s ideals in the development process given.

In addition to the website itself, we offer a no-brainer rivering site through a low-lying server in France, thus protecting data on any use by a foreign country, as well as ‘root access and unlimited traffic,the storage and management of personal and professional data and thus more secure and fluid.

In this logic, the so-called “No-Brainer” – which we provide as a solution includes, among other things, a high level of safety against cyber attacks due to the installation of LAMP and the anti-DDoS.

In addition, SSL/TLS Let’s Encrypt certificates, which are made available on the official Let’s Encrypt website and can be awarded without limit, will ensure the confidentiality and protection of any exchange or transaction between user and platform through an encryption of your data which will then be unreadable and unusable if a hacking attempt takes place.

Finally, you will be able to store a number of unlimited sites and benefit from a controlled Webmin panel.

In addition to these basic elements specific to the accommodation,our “Hands-free” service is intended to ensure the maintenance of your website.

Our goal of so much interest in developing the WordPress site will provide you with application updates made by our technicians, which means providing updates for the plugins and also the heart of the site. Thus, by analyzing and processing all updates to the components of the WordPress site developed, the preservation of the balance of combinations of these elements will be achieved.

To this end, our maintenance service will give you access to technical support per ticket and technical support.

Ticket support gives you the opportunity to create what is called an information or incident ticket on our web interface, i.e. a customer support request.

Telephone technical support offers another method of contact, through candid calls from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (CET).

For the sake of providing you with a full service, it is interested in various development environments,including Prod servers, UATs and Dev servers.

Of course, the implementation of all these technical elements has been greatly facilitated by the client’s cost and our maintenance of the guidelines he had set.

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